Open and portable Postgres-as-a-service. Also available on Hetzner

December 14, 2023 · 3 min read
Umur Cubukcu
Founder / Co-CEO

At Ubicloud, we are building an open and portable cloud. You can use our managed service to reduce your AWS spend to a fraction, or self-host Ubicloud to control your own cloud.

With Ubicloud PostgreSQL, we are excited to release an open and managed PostgreSQL implementation, and cut your cloud database spend by 3x.

Ubicloud Managed PostgreSQL on Hetzner

The Problem

We love the cloud. But we think the prices from the big cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, GCP get too high, with closed source solutions that lock users in. It gets worse once credits expire.

The cloud evolved over the years towards a few players that charge high premiums, for increasingly complex products for standard, essential services. Each player optimizing for their walled-gardens leaves customers stuck across incompatible clouds.

We believe a simpler, portable, and open version of the cloud will make a lasting difference.

The Solution

Ubicloud is an open and portable alternative, reduces your costs, and returns control of your infrastructure back to you. We started with VMs, virtual networking, block storage (non-replicated), and powerful IAM. We are now adding Managed PostgreSQL, in preview.

Open and Portable
There are two parts to our release today: First, for the first time, we are making the control plane for a managed PostgreSQL solution open, using the Elastic v2 license for it. While PostgreSQL has been open and portable since its inception, managed cloud services that simplify its management have remained closed source until now.

We’ve built several of those services ourselves as the Ubicloud founding team, including the PostgreSQL services at Citus Data, Microsoft and Heroku. Our open implementation emphasizes transparency and portability:

Costs 3x less
Second, we are previewing a managed version of Ubicloud PostgreSQL, which costs 3x less compared to AWS RDS, Azure PostgreSQL, and other major providers:

Pricing scales linearly from our <standard-2> to <standard-16> instances, with billing in minutely increments.

Key features and performance

We run our open and portable Ubicloud PostgreSQL control plane, on Hetzner data centers in Germany. The low cost of the bare metal instances from Hetzner allows us to pass those low prices to you. We are also working to introduce more regions in the new year. 

Performance matters for databases, and Ubicloud PostgreSQL is competitive with the big cloud vendors –sometimes faster, depending on your workload. Here are the numbers using the standard pgbench benchmark (more here).

While running fast at a lower cost, we provide a managed database experience on the latest version of PostgreSQL, v16.1, with automatic backups, point-in-time-restore to the minute. We use dedicated VMs for each database, with encryption at-rest and in-transit to keep your data secure.

What workloads are best suited for Ubicloud PostgreSQL today?

We are building Ubicloud Postgres as a general purpose PostgreSQL service. Even in its earliest and current version, it can be particularly useful when:

  • You are already using Hetzner data centers, where there is currently no managed PostgreSQL offering.
  • Your cloud PostgreSQL bill is going up; and you want to offload your dev and/or analytics-heavy instances to a fast, inexpensive cloud 

Getting started

We’d love to have you try Ubicloud Postgres, and share your feedback with us. For our managed Postgres service, we are offering the first 10 companies that sign up 50% off for the first 3 months. We will also be happy to take a look at your PostgreSQL setup, and give you any feedback for improving your Postgres usage. 

You can use our docs to get started; then send us an email at to claim your credit.

To talk about your PostgreSQL setup on RDS, Heroku, other providers, and see whether complementing it with Ubicloud PostgreSQL makes sense, you can set up time with the founders here.

Building an open cloud, with all its key services, will require your help. If you'd like to contribute to the Ubicloud project, please take a look at our repo on Github. If you have any use-cases where you think Ubicloud could be particularly helpful, just drop us a line at We’d love to talk!