Building the open source cloud

What is Ubicloud?

Ubicloud is an open source cloud that can run anywhere. You can use our managed service to reduce your cloud spend by 3–10x, or self-host Ubicloud to control your own cloud.

After years of building cloud services, we’re now on a mission to rebuild it with different values. Read on for more.

Our journey

Ubicloud is founded by Ozgun Erdogan, Umur Cubukcu, and Daniel Farina. 

Prior to Ubicloud, Umur and Ozgun were two of the co-founders at Citus Data, creators of the distributed PostgreSQL database. After Microsoft’s acquisition of Citus Data in 2019, they led product and engineering teams within Azure. When at Citus Data, they worked together with Daniel, who was instrumental in building Heroku PostgreSQL. 

Aside from the many years we worked together at Citus Data and Microsoft, Ozgun was early  in the distributed engineering team at Amazon. Daniel built multiple core cloud services at Heroku, Azure, and Crunchy Bridge. Umur was at startups for 5 years, and returned to Y Combinator after Microsoft as a visiting partner during 2023 advising YC startups.

We are now back together at Ubicloud, thrilled to be building Ubicloud with a stellar team that we worked together with before.

Ubicloud was part of Y Combinator's W24 Batch and received $16M in seed funding. You can read more about our launch and fundraising announcement in the TechCrunch  article "Ubicloud wants to build an open source alternative to AWS."

Why build Ubicloud?

We love the cloud –it makes life a lot easier for startups and enterprises. But we think the prices from the big cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, GCP got too high over the years. Solutions are closed source, and lock you in. It gets worse once credits expire.

In essence, the cloud evolved towards a few players that charge high premiums, for increasingly complex products for standard, essential services. Each vendor optimizing for their walled-gardens leaves the customers stuck across incompatible clouds.

The cloud is here to stay. We believe a simpler, secure, and open source version of it will have a lasting impact.

Our approach

Ubicloud offers an open source alternative, reduces your costs, and returns control of your infrastructure back to you. We build it on the following principles:

We believe that cloud services should be much less expensive. The gap between the cloud prices, and the cost of the underlying hardware powering them is higher than it has ever been. At Ubicloud, we offer infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) features on providers that lease bare metal instances, such as Hetzner, OVH, Leaseweb, or AWS Bare Metal. For our managed service, the low cost of the bare metal instances we use from our providers allows us to pass those low prices to you.

We believe in freedom and portability –that customers should be free of lock in. Each vendor having proprietary solutions that work only in their own environment makes it extremely hard to move applications and infrastructure between clouds. High network egress fees for moving data makes it worse.

We are building Ubicloud to run on any cloud provider (or be self-hosted), and to simplify how apps and infra operate across clouds. For our managed service, we charge minimal egress fees to service our costs, rather than using it to maximize margins, or to introduce friction when moving between clouds.  

We believe that the cloud should be simpler. Cloud product offerings have gotten increasingly more complex, with 100s of different services and a lot of navigation required between them. Running a basic compute job on a large cloud can feel like having to go to a giant supermarket when buying just a loaf of bread. At Ubicloud, we keep to the essentials, and strive for simplicity.

We believe in open source. Ubicloud is open source. You can see each step of how we operate, and get the benefits of a managed cloud in your own environment (you can also contribute to the Ubicloud project, which we always welcome).

Our Offices

San Francisco
450 Townsend  St.
San Francisco CA, 94107
Turfschip 267 1186XK,
Amstelveen, The Netherlands