Managed PostgreSQL that costs 3x less. Open and portable to any cloud.

Ubicloud Managed PostgreSQL on Hetzner

01. Open and portable

PostgreSQL itself has been open and portable since its inception. But managing PostgreSQL on the cloud is complex, and has been the domain of closed-source solutions —up until now

Ubicloud PostgreSQL makes it easy to manage PostgreSQL,in a consistent way, on any cloud provider. That means you can see each step of how we operate, be free of cloud vendor lock-in, and get the benefits of PostgreSQL operations in your own environment (you can also contribute to the underlying project, which we always welcome)

02. Costs 3x less

Pricing starts at $65 / month for Ubicloud managed PostgreSQL:

standard-2 instance:

128 GB of disk space

This is less than 3X compared to AWS RDS PostgreSQL instances that cost more than $200/month

Pricing is simple and predictable, scaling linearly from <standard-2> to <standard-16> instances. There are no added fees based on network, storage, or I/O. You pay one fee for the minutes you use, billed in minutely increments

03. Fast

​Ubicloud PostgreSQL comes ready with strong performance

Select from 2 to 32 vCPUs; 8 GB - 64 GB RAM; 128 GB - 1 TB disk

Your workload runs on VMs and CPUs dedicated to your database

Strong performance compared with AWS, Azure: 9,400+ TPS on industry-standard pgbench benchmark (read more)

04. Managed, on Hetzner

Keep your data safe, with automatic backups, and point-in-time-restore (PITR) to the minute

High availability and automated failovers: Choose up to two additional replicas for maximum uptime

Comes with the latest main community version, PostgreSQL 16.1

Rich extension support, including PostGIS, pgvector, and more

Secure by design: Each instance runs on its own VM; workloads are isolated; all data is encrypted at rest and in-transit

Runs on Hetzner data centers in Germany (more regions to follow)

05. Built by experts

Built by the team that created popular core PostgreSQL services, including Citus Data, Microsoft, and Heroku PostgreSQL

Support from the core team

Common use-cases

Managed PostgreSQL on Hetzner

If you're already using Hetzner in Europe, Ubicloud PostgreSQL is the easiest way to run managed PostgreSQL for your application.

Performance testing with PostgreSQL 16

Ubicloud PostgreSQL comes ready with the latest version of PostgreSQL 16.1. Test your database's performance, with predictable and dedicated VMs.

Starter to mid-sized apps, offloading analytics

<standard-2> comes with 2 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of disk; and <standard-16> goes up to 32 vCPUs, 64 GBs of RAM and 1TB of disk; making them suitable for analytics intensive workloads.

Try Ubicloud PostgreSQL for yourself

Our Ubicloud PostgreSQL service is available today in Preview, in our Hetzner region in Germany. Please get started at your own pace, and drop us a line at support@ubicloud.com with any feedback or questions.