Dedicated VMs on-demand, in your private subnet
3x lower cost, starting at $24/month

3x compute cost savings

Pricing starts at $24 per month ($0.036 per hour)

standard-2 instance:

25 GB of disk space

Less than 3X vs. AWS instances that cost more than $90/month*

Billed in minutely increments: Pay only for the minutes you use

Pricing is simple and predictable, scaling linearly from <Standard-2> to <Standard-16> instances.

Larger <Standard-60> instances with up to 60 vCPUs and 240 GB RAM available upon request.

* Comparable AWS instances m5ad.large, in EU (Frankfurt) 

30x network egress savings

Included (for free): 625 GB of network egress per 2 vCPUs per month

$3 per TB of egress traffic beyond monthly limit; 30X less costly vs. AWS egress that costs $90 per TB

Move data easily—without vendor lock in,  low network fees, and 10 Gbps network uplink

Dedicated VMs, private subnet

Each Virtual Machine (VM) runs with dedicated CPUs

Isolated workloads, with each VM in a private subnet.

Fully encrypted

All data encrypted at rest and in-transit.

Runs on Hetzner data centers in Germany (more regions to follow)

Open source

Ubicloud is open source. This makes it easy to manage compute in a consistent way, on any cloud provider.

You can see each step of how we operate, be free of cloud vendor lock-in, and get the benefits of managed VMs operations in your own environment (you can also contribute to the underlying project, which we always welcome).

Ubicloud is built by the team that created popular cloud services, including Citus Data, PostgreSQL at Azure, and Heroku PostgreSQL

Common use-cases

On-demand data transformations (incl Spark jobs)

Data preparation can be costly -- whether you're running cpu-heavy transformations as part of your AI pipelines, or running Spark jobs. Use Ubicloud to cut costs. Run faster with NVMe disks

Scientific computing and offline/batch computations

Compute intensive applications that run scientific models, simulations and or other batch computations. Use Ubicloud VMs (with up to 60 vCPUs and 240 GB RAM) to reduce costs.

Video processing, with minimal egress costs

Move data in and out of Ubicloud easily. Process the data with fast, secure compute that scales when you need it to

Try Ubicloud Compute for yourself

Our Ubicloud Compute service is available today, in our Hetzner regions in Germany and Finland. Please get started at your own pace, and drop us a line at support@ubicloud.com with any feedback or questions.